Nested Sub-Requests (HMVC style code re-use)

Since you explicitly return values from Bullet routes instead of sending output directly, nested/sub requests are straightforward and easy. All route handlers will return Bullet\Response instances (even if they return a raw string or other data type, they are wrapped in a response object by the run method), and they can be composed to form a single HTTP response.

$app = new Bullet\App();
$app->path('foo', function($request) use($app) {
    return "foo";
$app->path('bar', function($request) use($app) {
    $foo = $app->run('GET', 'foo'); // $foo is now a `Bullet\Response` instance
    return $foo->content() . "bar";
echo $app->run('GET', 'bar'); // echos 'foobar' with a 200 OK status
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